Jumat, 16 April 2010


All friends of me always say,"you are lucky because you now have a great jobs,greats family..absolutly you close to all people says Success...

For me its no happen in one day..but still in one long term process with role of planty key person...likes my parents,my Familly and of course my teacher...

Teacher..yes this persons maybe dont know about they good kindness..

My big Honour is for you...My Teacher..


Hereafter i copy one article from one my favourite web site http://www.teacher-appreciation.info


For some people, teaching has always been a vocation. For others, however, the wonderland of education was a late discovery. What is sure is that teaching is unique and it doesn’t feel like anything else. Another fact is that teaching is hard: it requires a lot of particular skills, the ability to adapt to everything and everyone and the will to compromise for pupils. See below our selection of tips to excel at work.

• Be good at explaining things: Teaching requires a lot of patience. Explaining will be your man activity and you have to be sure that people gets you.

• Always keep your cool: Children and teenagers of all ages tend to be provocative sometimes. For most students, irritating you is usually a good way for them to put you to the test.

• Set your rules and stick to it: It is important to show transparence in your class, especially when it come to grades. Explain how you proceed from the beginning, this way, nobody will have the opportunity to question your methods.

• Be fair: It is sometimes very difficult to differentiate the work of a student and the student himself. Don’t forget that the pupils’ personalities are not at stake during a lesson and that everyone is to be treated equally.

• Master the content you teach: being credible is essential for a teacher. He/she has to remain a model for their students. That is why proving you actually know what you are talking about is a great part of your prep work.

• Manage your time: nothing is worse than a teacher that sidetracks from the actual subject of the class. Remain concise and control the time that has been given to you. This way, you will keep your students concentrated and interested.

• Be rewarding: students need to be pushed, and they also need to know when they are doing great or not. Take the time to compliment when necessary.

• Be entertaining: it has been proved that humor is a very good way to get people’s attention. Students will stay focused if they are entertained. Be passionate!

• Communicate: if you happen to have problems with one of your student, a parent or a colleague, just talk it out. Isn’t it the best way to arrange work things out?

• Chose the right age range to teach to: finally, you have to be comfortable with your students. If you are not good with children, for instance, don’t teach in elementary schools.


May this article can utilitarian for you all TEACHER...

Picture :
*KTLV Leiden - Papoes in de klas - Joka about year 1950
*PcDP UNDP Papua office documentation-Paul Stumuller

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